Maker Maven® was launched in the spring of 2016 to support the growing maker and STEAM movement in education.  The Maker Maven team has worked with educators for the past 8 years and provides a dynamic and collaborative approach to supporting our customers.  We are here to support a generation of makers, creators, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

Maker Maven® makerspace kits provide a true Unbox & Start Making™ experience for educators that want an easy, yet effective start, or addition to their current makerspace.  Maker Maven® is also able to help you curate your own custom makerspace that will fit your specific plan to maximize your dream makerspace.  Maker Maven® will also provide you, your shcool, district, and/or community with a fun and educational day of professional development and consulting to help you get the most out of your makerspace.  Please contact Maker Maven by using the “Contact Us” tab on the navigation bar, so that we can help you become an expert in the fields of STEM, STEAM, and STREAM educating through the use of makerspaces.  We thank you for your business and your continued support in helping us spread the word on the maker movement.

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