John and Lina Gosden

BigBrain Resources Founders and Managing Partners

John and Lina Gosden have been selling books, eBooks, databases and other digital resources to the school library market for over 12 years.

John: I was introduced to the book business at an early age and have been around the business my entire life. My father came over here from England selling Encyclopedia sets door to door and eventually helped start a publishing company here in the United States. It soon became one of the top companies in the school and library market. I started in sales right after college and soon was involved in the trade end of the business selling books to bookstores. Eventually, I moved on from sales in the trade industry to try a new venture. I became a manager for a medical book distributor managing sales representatives in their respective territories, although I enjoyed the job, I finally got an opportunity in the school and library market. It is here that I started my own business contracting with publishers to sell in the state of NJ. NJ Publisher’s Representatives Inc. was formed.

Lina: I have always had an interest in art, literature and reading in general. I was not involved in any part of the book business until John asked me to join him in his sales efforts in NJ. I was involved in sales, selling conference space worldwide for a french hotel company. It was a job that allowed me to travel to different countries and to gain the knowledge of a new cultures. It was always an experience. I have been involved in selling to the school and library market now for over 10 years and have enjoyed my experience so far. We have both seen the market change over the years from print based to now an ever increasing digital market. We are constantly learning about the new methods in education and we want to be involved in the growing process. Thus, we developed the new name for our business BigBrain Resources (with the help from our sons). We feel that the products and publishers we have chosen to carry remain the leaders in the industry both in innovation and creativity. We do believe that “The Better the Resources the Bigger the Brain”. So, welcome to all our constants over the years and to all our new customers. We look forward to consulting with you on the best resources for your school and library.

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