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Salem Press found its first home on Fifth Avenue in New York City, directly across the street from the New York Public Library, a perfect location for conducting research and for learning about the market for reference books. Between 1952 and 1975, Salem Press had an agreement with publisher Harper & Row, and together they published eleven reference titles, Harper & Row in a trade reference edition, Salem Press simultaneously in a library edition. This twenty-year collaboration earned Salem Press a position in the library market which has assured its continued presence.

In 1975, Salem Press moved from New York City to Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, and developed a unique, personalized approach to telephone sales. Not long thereafter, Magill established an editorial office in Pasadena, California, and began building the staff to develop a full line of reference resources.

Today, the sales office, now located in Hackensack, New Jersey, continues to introduce librarians to new reference sources through this personalized form of telephone sales. The efforts of these in-house sales representatives are supplemented by those of a team of field representatives who visit libraries in their territories and present new reference products face-to-face.

We offer traditional print products, e-books, and online subscription databases designed for use at public, school, and college libraries. We continue in our effort to provide quality reference resources that respond to the needs of the library community. What began as a one-book publishing company more than fifty years ago has developed into an independent library reference book publisher known to librarians nationwide.

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