The Ruffner family has a proud history in reference publishing. The library world widely recognizes Frederick Gale Ruffner Jr. as a pioneer in the industry. From humble beginnings in Detroit in 1956, Fred Ruffner and his wife, Mary, built Gale Research Company, working first at their kitchen table and then at a rented desk in the Book Tower.

In 1985, Fred Ruffner and his son Peter founded Omnigraphics. From the start, Omnigraphics’ mission has been to provide authoritative and engaging reference resources to libraries and schools. Spanning the areas of biography, history, health, holidays, culture, and ready reference, our products have been consistently recognized for demonstrating the same uncompromising quality that is the hallmark of the Ruffner name.

A quarter century later, that mission continues. Under Peter Ruffner’s leadership, Omnigraphics remains an independent voice in an era of consolidation and monopolization of information sources. First and foremost, Omnigraphics is dedicated to creating unique, useful, and thoughtfully crafted resources that librarians trust.

That’s Omnigraphics’ legacy and our future, and that is our commitment to you.

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