Marshall Cavendish

Marshall Cavendish Education is a world-renowned leading provider of Singapore Math® educational solutions. Their holistic approach to learning and teaching is fundamentally changing math education in the United States by providing teachers with the same pedagogy, curriculum, supplementals and digital resources that have put Singapore students at the top of all global math performance studies.


Professional Development
A great teacher can make all the difference in the quality of education a child receives. That is why Marshall Cavendish Education offers K-8 teachers the instructional support needed to become more effective educators in mathematics.

Digital Resources – Math Buddies
Math Buddies is a K-5 digital resource based on the pedagogical approach of Singapore Math®. The program can be used as an independent math curriculum or as a supplement to existing math textbooks.

Core Curriculum
Marshall Cavendish Education is the publisher of full Singapore Math® curriculum options such as Math In Focus® and Primary Mathematics, which have been adopted by the Ministry of Education in Singapore and widely used in elementary schools across the United States.

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